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After statement of performance "Hardships of Kamushadze" at the Mardjanishvili theatre, there was a creative pause and then I have spoken about my plans with my grown-up colleague, Anzor Kutateladze, with whom I work in the Theatrical Institute and train a rate of actor's skill. He doesn't even supported my offer, but also has offered me to begin the art director manual of the glorified theatre in Zugdidi which history totals more than 130 years.

"Crucified Happiness"

Music and director Dimitri Khvtisiashvili

Playwright Djemal Moniava

This work was created in the hardest years for Georgia. These years of civil war the war in Abkhazia. The play tells about love of Abkhazian girl Sofi and the Georgia guy Saba - the young Georgian journalist, struggling in Abkhazia. The Abkhazian girl, saving the Georgians from death fell into hands of Abkhazians and their mercenaries. They are in grave danger they can be shot. They are divided by a vast stonewall, which is collapsed an end due their love of the hero's. Actors occur at a building of a Kindergarten that was besieged by separatists and have arranged their header in it. This play tells about love, that the person always should he able to love, to be devoted. Suddenly flashed love between Abkhazian girl Sofi and the Georgian guy Saba is a symbol of the thousand-year relationship broken love between Georgia and Abkhazia which for about three thousand years. Abkhazia used to be the part of the Georgia state and lived in one belief with Georgia. All that occurs around the hero's is a dreadful dream; there is only light of love and hope to reanimate the integrity of Georgia - crossed on the cross of war. Heroes are more than three hundred thousand of refugees surviving genocide and ethnical cleaning in the end the reviving hero's personify the renascent Georgia.
For a long time I didn't see such an unanimity, crying of spectators, so a long time didn't sound any more such applause which is starting with depth of soul as was during a performance on the stage of Zugdidi theatre. I became the witness of birth of the director. It is a Georgian play, by Djemal Moniava created on the most tragic theme for us.

On the stage we see the tragedy of 1992-1993, an echo of horrors of Russian-Georgian war for Abkhazia.

On the stage there is a huge wall, which divides people once peacefully living together, which was made by unknown thread force built this wall between these two peoples. This thread force was guilty in parish hundreds of people, this force made by refugees of a native land more than 300 thousand people; this force arranged genocide of Georgian people.

The plan of the detector appeared very exact. He tells us about our tragedy, which is too difficult to speak for us, but the wall gradually falls, we hope that it will be destroyed with love, mutual trust, and the crucified on a cross.

Revaz Mishveladze writer

The theatre has quickened again in 1996, when it was staged the performance "Crucified Happiness" by head director Dimitri Khvtisiashvili. The play had a great success. The playwrights Dgemal Moniava in past was an actor of the same theatre. When Dimitri Khvtisiashvili came to work at the Zugdidi theatre it began to live again. This event became as though display of the newest history of the Georgian theatre and attempt to connect past and future of times.

Vasil Kiknadze. Vice-Rector of the Institute of the Theatre and Cinema.

Thanks to Dimitri Khvtisiashvili I could taste that feeling again, which has tested thirty years back, when the director Temur Chkheidze has put in Zugdidi theatre my play. Together with my friends Temur Chkheidze, Janry Lolashvili, Avto Makharadze and Michael Chavchavadze I have passed the first steps in professional theatre. I am grateful to Dimitri Khvtisiashvili for put my play "Crucified Happiness", for directors revelation, for brilliant actors skill for Nana Bukia and Merab Kakalia. Let will be blessing a thorny road of the art.

Jemal Moniava - the author of the play "Crucified Happiness"

The performance "Crucified happiness" was awarded on decisions of jury, of the first international theatre festival in Rustavi, by special prize "Golden Mask" as a performance created on the best patriotic theme.



The play by Otar Bagaturia

Amiko. To the drama tells about the tragedy of fathers and children, of traditions of a senior generation and about change of the manners and customs of young generation. The decision of he play is very original. The author the hero of the drama writes the play in which the characters themselves began to dictate him there terms of game. In he end it turns that the heroes of the play leave submission of the author and the real vital drama of each character is developed. The struggle of generation's new values various outlooks at life change a habitual way of life in one family, the Old World is ruined and it is not clear what will be in future.

On decision of The Union of Theatrical figures of Georgia the annual premium for the best directors work goes to the young director Dimitri Khvtisiashvili for performance "Amiko" to put in Zugdidi State Theatre. For one and a half year of active work in Zugdidi Theatre

Dimitri Khvtisiashvili has put seven performances on the stage.
There are:"Loneliness" by Mamuka Salukvadze,
"What will say people" by Revaz Tabukashvili,
"Crucified Happiness" by Dgemal Moniava,
"Amiko" by Otar Bagaturia,
"Ra-dio" by Solomonashvili,
"But it wasn't given the right" by Lasha Tabukashvili,
"There is an angry dog in the yard" by Kita Buachidze.


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